2010: A New Year for STC Pittsburgh

Can you believe it’s 2010 already? When I was young, I imagined 2010 as the time when the world portrayed in The Jetsons and 2010: The Year We Make Contact would be reality. While we don’t have the flying cars, space tourism and robot housekeepers that Hanna-Barbera and Stanley Kubrick predicted, we have social networking, minimally invasive surgery, and the Internet, among other things that no one predicted.

As we go into 2010, we’re much better off than we were in 2009, as a Society and a chapter. STC is taking a new approach to its financial organization and reporting that’s more sustainable and suitable to new economic realities, seeking new ways to increase its membership, and is working with the Department of Labor to redefine the definition of technical communication.

Closer to home, we are taking a new approach to our meetings that will mean fewer meetings, but more relevant and useful meetings. We’re also continuing things that worked for us in the past, such as the Annual Employment Roundtable. Our recent STC Pittsburgh Technology Group Mashup, a new event for us, was so extremely successful that attendees enthusiastically requested another.

In 2009, we’ve seen great happiness as our president, Bryce Walat, got married, and our Employment Liaison, Robin Davidson, also got married. We also saw great sadness, as Bob Ramey and Beverly Spagnolo passed away.

We’ve overcome many challenges, but we still have much work to do. Attendance at our meetings has dropped off and speakers and venues are harder to find than in the past. We’re also looking for a new crop of leaders that will take STC Pittsburgh into the future.

On the WorkQuest front, while we’re fortunate that the need is far from what it could be for WorkQuest, Janis Ramey, WorkQuest’s founder, is looking for folks to take over the reins.

No matter what 2010 has in store, I am confident that we’ll continue our successes and meet our challenges successfullly.

On behalf of STC Pittsburgh, we wish you all the best for a prosperous and productive 2010!

Bryce Walat, President STC Pittsburgh

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