STC Employment Roundtable Review

The 2010 STC Employment Roundtable was held at the student union of Duquesne University. Approximately 25 people participated and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. In a follow-up survey of attendees, the event scored a 9.2 out of 10 and speakers scored just shy of 4 out of 5. I would like to thank attendees for attending and completing the survey, our great speakers for volunteering their time, the Pittsburgh Business Times for sponsoring the event, and to Robin Davidson for organizing the event.

The format was changed this year from a roundtable where multiple simultaneous discussions were held, to a whole-room discussion, where presenters led a discussion with all attendees. The new format allowed for everyone to participate in the discussion with a greater number of viewpoints. Laurel Patterson of Patterson Presentations ( gave a compelling presentation on the effectiveness of integrating nature into your daily life, and explained how it can truly result in leading a more peaceful life. Marty Stahl, Marketing Director and Business Coach of Volunteers of America’s Working Order program led a discussion about the many professional resources available to business owners and contractors. Tim Sullivan of the Pittsburgh Business Time ( explained the many uses of the PBT for employed and unemployed professionals and business-owners. Each section of the paper has a different purpose, many of which are directly useful for attendees of the roundtable. During the presentations, Chuck Lanigan, of WorkQuest Pittsburgh, took the time to review many résumés and help employment-seekers develop a better understanding of what employers are seeking.

Thank you to everyone for participating, and to Duquesne University, Dr. Janie Fritz, and Paul Lucas for hosting the event.

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